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i am grammatically challenged.

M%^%## F^*^%% Stopit August 7, 2013

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‘MERICA!! May 12, 2013

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FACEKINI, y’all. August 27, 2012

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no need to thank me.


Innernets Drop May 24, 2012

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Sometimes, I just like to search the innernets for it’s randomness.

This shirt should read, “YOUR life is not MY responsibility.”











Oh no they didn’t. May 10, 2012

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This man was up in the grocery in his boxers. I could see his jingle jangle. The bulge, ppl.



to top off my evening, my friend Tamms sent me this. Read every bit of it.



Yeah buddy!

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Just look at this, America!!!
Get some Gah Dang pride in your life and come out dressed properly


InstaLOVE February 26, 2012

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Instagram = my latest stalker site.  

Seriously, I have this iPHone and know it has endless capabilities (almost) and yet I use it for looking up pointless GOOGLE images, email, texting and my latest, Instagram.  

 I recently ventured out of my PRIVATE BUBBLE and started to FOLLOW strangers!  One stranger is from France (oh la la nice pixxx), one is from Istanbul, one posts fashion pix, one is from I DON’T KNOW, but writes in arabic, one posts nice clean crisp photos of furniture (mid century mod = my fave), one has twin girls and dresses them all cutesy vintagey;;(damn cat just typed that punctuation) shabby chic, one posts ALL PUGS!!!!  and one lives & posts where I left my heart; HAWAII.  

These strangers/artists provide my daily entertainment.  I don’t really care to keep up on current events.  Everyone running this country & others, are greedy idiots and I don’t really want to know what’s coming… costs are rising.  DUH.  If a bomb is headed this way, not like I can escape it.  I’ll just keep looking @ my IG (instagram) and live my stupid life.


the following are NOT from my list of people I follow.  Just the RANDOMS i’ve come across.

I like this girl's ring.

I turned this pugsofinstagram pic into this comic for my husband, upon paying for his grocery request.

I'm making this for Halloween 2012

NOW you understand HOW i keep myself entertained

Now look @ this crazy ass S%&^

NOT IG, but my iPhone nonetheless

Which lead me to this. . . TEEN PUG

and this. . .

and this. . .

and this. . .

and last but not least, I saw my future son. ON THE INTERNET.

**and now i have to get off the innernets, because all the crap I’m uploading is effecting my husband’s xBox performance **