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Subaru: the new Porsche May 8, 2013

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this car is so important, it deserves two spaces. I’m guessing its a 60 ish year old, entitled white woman driving this sweet thang. Asians don’t drive subarus, so they’re ruled out in this equation.



Omg you guys May 3, 2013

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Always last to know February 21, 2013

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teagan and Sara are into Chics?? Apparently for a few years now!

I am friends with everyone that is nice. I don’t give hide nor hair about personal preferences. Like my grandmother Alice would put it, “if everyone looked the same, the world would be a boring place.”

I get it. Everyone is different. Here’s my thing: IM THE LAST TO KNOW EVERYTHING! Anderson Cooper, uhhh that interior design guy from Oprah, nick berkus? NATE! Nate Berkus. All gay. That’s fine. They can love who ever they want. I’m just shocked it wasn’t obvious to me! Ill just continue living in my own world. You know. It’s over here under this rock.


Got Crayon Soap Stains?? February 11, 2013

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this one goes out to HandPecked

My Olivs received some soap crayons, because she was hella good up in the old Wally World. She’s always well-behaved & I bribe her to keep that ball rolling. My mom did the same with me & look how I turned out. Awesome & hating Rolo Candy since 1984. (Rolos were my reward and I Overdosed on them, that’s how well-behaved I was.)

So back to the crayon soaps. She colored everything in the bathroom. I doubt she will ever be permitted To pick out crayon soaps ever again! They wiped off the tub with ease. They wiped off the terrlet pretty well… Just the porcelain parts. The lid was a different story. Sigh. Hand Pecked suggested magic erasers– genius! But alas, they were downstairs in the cabinet below the sink. Within my reach was a green bottle– clothing stain remover, Resolve. Blam! With a very faint residual bit of Blue color barely noticeable, the rest disappeared like MONNNNNEY! Next up?? Soft Scrub with bleach. Her damn red marker has stained my 1950’s kitchen table. Grrrrr.




Is this bitch legal ??

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say hello to my new Going Out ring.



Tonsil stones, really??

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always thought I had little bits of food resurface every now & again. Turns out, these little bits can get rather LARGE and they’re really tonsil stones! What. The. Shit. Man. Google it. No wait, even better !! YouTube it. Prepare to barf.

So I’ve tried everything ive read via the innernets, to harvest these bitches. They smell. They stink. They make your mouth smell and stink. They’re gross.

It’s probably not a great idea to shoot straight tap water into your tonsils, but my dumb ass did. Next time ill boil and cool my H2o first & use that. Oh, and add salt. Ain’t nothing gonna live in salt. You remember that.

So here’s what I used to shoot them bitties out:

an old ass irrigation thing I kept from my wisdom teeth extraction. Knew I’d need her again one day!!



No, I did not find these on polio.com

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Nope. Pacsun. Don’t ask WHY I was surfing pacsun dot com… I repo’d a gift card I gave an ungrateful $$$ thieving little shittin’ ass 13 year old nephew.


and while im on the topic, behold! The polio shoe of vans: