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Here’s how much of a JB Geek I am… July 14, 2012

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Jason Bateman… be still my heart.

Scroll down to a previous blog and you will see I “follow” him on IG.  The other day I contemplated whether to “LIKE” one of his pics.  My dilemma??  Not that he would actually LOOOOOOK @ the profiles of his LIKERS, but just in case… JUST IN CASE!  I didnt want him seeing this:

I DON”T KNOW WHO THIS GIRL IS… looks like her head was placed in a vice grip. UHHH yeah. definitely NOT me. I only drink beer & whiskey.  And WHO wears turtlenecks??  psha.  So 2001.


Just so ya know, this is how I roll July 1, 2012

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GAAAAAAD!  if my keys were actually this large, my thumbs wouldnt mess up quite so often!!!!


They’re awake when you’re asleep… May 20, 2012

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welcome to a bit of my childhood thoughts.


They’re. Always. Watching. You.


Let me tell you something May 10, 2012

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I grew up learning responsibilities. I had to have homework completed (correctly. no half ass shit), before I could watch tv or play video games. If the washer finished, I put the clothes in the dryer. When the dryer finished, I laid the clothes out on a chair, until I learned how to fold properly.

I learned how to get shit done.

When moms got home from the grocery, out to the garage I went to help bring bags indoors. I didn’t hesitate.

I stacked fire wood. Hell, all three of us kids had our own wheelbarrow or lawn cart. I cut grass. If mom rode the mower, I did trim with the push mower. I weed eated. Weekly and sometimes bi-weekly cuz mom is nuts about lawn care. I cut the neighbor’s yard for an entire summer, just to rake in enough $$cash$$ monies to purchase a tv for my room. Age 12. Hardest summer of my life.

I learned to bake and cook, because my mother kept me involved in the kitchen. Sure, there were days I hung out In front of the tv until she called me to the table, but overall, I helped in the kitchen.

Us kids set the dining room table every night. We said grace. We ate. We cleared the table. We washed the dishes, one dried and put away right there on the spot.

We had Saturday morning chores. Vacuuming and dusting were for the older two, while I got paid a quarter for dusting the heat units (hot water baseboard heat. Quickest thing dad could throw in the house, as he dealt with the cancer).

We raked leaves in the fall. We shoveled snow in winter. We pruned/weeded the flower beds come spring. We all worked in the garden come summer.

This people, is called installing a strong work ethic in your children.

They need responsibilities in order to become responsible, dependable adults.

My children will not fail at life. They will not be lazy ass adults that can’t figure out their ass from a hole in the ground.

My babies WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO MARRY OR PROCREATE with individuals that know nothing about life, housework, or cooking.

Be parents. Be adults and get shit done right to ensure an actual FUTURE.


SCOPES@!!! February 18, 2012

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Treasure on the Beach!! These are SCOPES pictures of me from the 80's. Ocean City, Md

Dukes of Hazard representin'

My Gang


2003 BFFs


The photographer thought we were a couple, so we went with it. It's what I get for hanging with dudes all the time.

2003 My NINETY-EIGHT LBS years


My latest GREATEST thing: Pranking wrong numbers September 9, 2011

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This is just the beginning.  In the past week, I received texts from 3 unfamiliar numbers FROM BACK HOME.  My reply is in the green text box. 

Mwwwaahahahahhahahah!  IT’S ON, BEESHES!

BOO my ass.


Some stuff I did This summer August 29, 2011

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I made Zucchini Pickles. HElls yes.



I found some Christmas $$ in July.



I ate some crabs.



Our first watermelon was AWWWWWWesome!


I dreamt about this thing. It was the size of a GEO Storm and laid on it's side as it fed on crops. I attempted to take a pic with my phone & it jumped up on it's legs and fixated on me. As I panicked, a portal opened behind me and I entered it... leading to a crazy 1984 George Orwell world.


Went to the aquarium


I had a CT scan. It's a requirement to consume the entire contents of both containers within 2hrs!!!! I almost barfed at the receptionist's desk, because they made me chug it!


Took my fams to see the sights!



I shot a wedding.


I taught my niece & nephew about back boobs. They laughed.


I went to the Ocean a few times. yessssss!



I took a few country rides... but not like it was 1996.



Oh, and I drew a portrait of Barbara Streisand with iPhone SketchBookX