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January 4, 2013

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Just Things January 8, 2012

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This ONE has been in my head and I haaaaad to get it out before I imploded.

This holiday got me thinking… a few years back, my sister discovered a cassette tape from Christmas 1979.  She was 10 years old, I was 19 months old (do the math.  Nine years apart).  That Christmas o’79, my sister received a cassette recorder & microphone.  She proceeded to interview my mom and dad and that was the cassette tape she discovered.  She played mom & I that tape.  I was 28 years old & that was the FIRST time I heard my father’s voice.  Dad was 6’2″, slender and handsome.  I always assumed his voice was a deep one; something that matched his towering stature.  I was so wrong.  The voice that emitted from those speakers, was this soft, gentle voice.  Dad passed away 4 1/2 months after Christmas 1979.  It was 10 days before my second birthday.  

He passed away one month after this photo. P.s. That's baby me 1year, 11months.

Here’s where I’m going with this:  My daughter was born just a matter of weeks before my birthday.  Seeing her grow & develop, creates an image of ME when I was that age.  How Christmas for her this year differed from last year.  She was a little more involved and easily WOWED.  Last year?  Not so much of anything but an 8month old blimp in a Bumbo seat.  It makes me think about how I was at this age (19months/20 months).  It was the last Christmas with my dad, and him with me.  Thinking of this makes me cherish EVERY FREAKING MOMENT.  Makes me wonder if dad KNEW this was possibly his last Christmas.  He had the cancer.  Dad was 34 when he died.  This May, I turn 34.  


My daughter @ 16months, along with myself & husband.


THis is what i’m thinking. September 28, 2010

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finally going to get my lip tattoo.  gotta complete my trashiness.





Those are the candidates.

I may have some really dumb tattoos, okay, ALL OF THEM ARE DUMBTARDED.  I’m just glad I never got that chest piece.  Doesn’t really work if it can’t be 3-D anyways.


Places I’d Like To Visit, please June 22, 2010

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I’d like to see Canda again.

I’d like to see the New England States sober.

I’d like to visit Graceland.  I swear if I die before I get to grace the grounds of Elvis, someone take my favourite green jacket to visit.  And then give it to Rebecca A.

Then, I’d like to visit Manhattan Beach again.

Then I’d like to go see the rest of Hawaii.


I’m gay for Martha Stewart May 25, 2010

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It’s true.  I sweat Martha & her entire got damn creative team.   I mean, who doesn’t love a genius (not a question).

The following are rip offs I need to remember to incorporate in my house.  THANKS MARTHA & YOUR WONDROUS IDEAS!


Jump start my wine collection.

Bookshelf is for the baby. Pfft please. Me read? HAVE YOU READ MY BLOG? I can't write shit, because I don't read.


Another WANNA TOUCH THE HEINEY May 16, 2010

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❤ Nerds

Also, Eric Foreman.  No, not Topher Grace, Eric.

yes plz


also January 26, 2010

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pregnancy makes you STUPID.  I spelled ‘QUEASINESS’ wrong in the last post.  You know when I realized it??  When I was jjjjjjjust about to fall asleep.  Anyways, just another reason to JUST SAY NO.