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Cooking again with the old rebec September 18, 2012

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Veggie Surprise:
surprise! it’s pot pie without the awesome crust, but still has an awesome crust nonetheless.

*one box of Risotto (I use Lundberg brand Parmesan Risotto)
*One can of Campbell’s Cream of ________ (I use potato)
*2/3 a box of broth (I use vegetable)
*one big ass bag of frozen vegetables (32oz) I hate corn, but I’ll eat this meal
*small bag (lunch box size)of regular flavor potato chips and crush them up
*8oz +++ of shredded cheddar cheese
*one can of garbanzo beans, rinsed

Directions aka let’s get it on:
Prepare risotto according to box directions.
While that’s going, heat your broth in a large pot. Dump in frozen vegetables and bring to a boil. Add cream of potato (or whatever you selected) and reduce heat. Cook until vegetables are almost done, stirring occasionally. Duhhh.

Now your risotto takes 20 minutes to finish up, or at least mine does. Drizzle a touch of olive oil or what have you in the bottom of a glass casserole dish ( hate the word casserole). Spread your COOKED risotto in the bottom. Top with pot of vegetables. Sprankle your 8oz or more of shredded cheddar cheese and top with crushed potato chips. I like to let her bake 30 mins @350 until the top is nice and melted.
Get your eat on!

*** you can fully cook and dice chicken in lieu of the garbanzo beans. We over here be vegetarian and need protein, hence da beans.



I’d be dangerous if I got to stay home MORE during the day May 8, 2012

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fresh pasta made by yours truly, stuffed with spinach and cheese. Blam. And my last jar of mom’s tomatoes, cooked slowly for that perfect sauce.





I’m letting the chores slide. January 9, 2012

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I’m so flipping tired of the same, CLEAN UP, COOK, CLEAN UP, VACUUM, SCRUB FLOORS, LAUNDRY, WIPE BABY’S ASS ROUTINE, that I’m taking a break, blowing the dust of my mac (JC here comes my husband up the steps to ask me what I’m typing.  Okay.  He just informed me I’m sofaking mean and left.  WIN)… so as I was saying, blowing off the dust and doing, uhhh?  I dunno.  Just sipping tea, eating some KEEBLERS & posting shit.

This past weekend was Elvis’ birthday weekend.  January 8th, being the day the KING was born.  Ahem.  I’d like to take this moment to dedicate this to MYSELF.  Let me just say, the part where he reaches down to the blonde chic— I like the–running her hands through his hair bit– but really???  I probably would’ve thrown my hands down that suit and touch that chest, then proceeded to taste the sweat.  YEAH.  YOU READ THAT RIGHT.  Taste.  The.  Sweat.  And them suits.  Lawrdy lawrdy lawrdy.  What I’d give to Quantum Leap back to them days & be his costume designer.  Me, tape measure.  Elvis, nothing but underwear and socks.  Yes please.  And now, MY VIDEO.

Here’s a screen shot of the best part (1:28):


Browsing my files for that screen shot, found me this:

MY BFF is DRIVER of the year for eternity.

TWERNT the first time the ol’ cougar was left in the ditch.


Weelicious' recipe for Cheese Broccoli, but I used steamed spinach.


I use just about anything leftover & steamed.  For a quick bite, I’ve used frozen mixed vegetables and mashed with the potatoes.


my latest CANT GET ENOUGH. Butternut squash, roasted, blended with nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon. I later use one part butternut blend and one part applesauce. HOLY COW. so good.

For those "quick" nights, drained firm tofu (you do this yourself). Crumble the tofu, mix with soy sauce or bbq sauce. Bake @350, turning the crumbles every 10mins or so until chewy. (you can freeze this baked tofu for later use. chili, etc) MEANWHILE, COOK SOME LENTILS. Saute some mushrooms, onions, garlic and throw it all together with a can of manwich. Or, make your own BBQ sauce. Manwich is the quick route.


And as a reminder for an upcoming post, SCOPES!

That's right folks. EVERY SCOPE in my house, has been duplicated. Stay tuned. All 2 of you. Oh! This is me and my BGF (best guy friend), Ray. The SCOPES photographer thought we were a couple, so we went with it. This was shot in 2003. Eight years ago, and 30lbs ago! I'm glad my nose isn't that big in reality, my teeth no longer look like that, my eyebrows grew back, and I covered that already sucky tattoo, with an even MORE suckier tattoo.


Holy Food, Y’all October 2, 2011

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I done fount the best website EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  


Get on it!!  They have wonderful recipes & ideas.  One in particular is an absolute FAVE: Cottage Cheese Pancakes! 

Full of protein & the cottage cheese melts, so don’t cringe up your face!

O, my momma & niece love them & they’re easy to freeze for later use (great for husbands that can’t cook a wholesome breakfast, let alone instant oatmeal).

She helped herself to the table and both plates.

Digging in on my cakes! The yellow cakes are straight recipe. The flatter, blueberry filled cakes aren't as fluffy and the blueberries burn to the pan. Also, I don't recommend frying them in salted butter; too salty. Crisco or bust!

King syrup & blueberries ON TOP = delish! Thanks, weelicious!

O approves homemade chocolate soy pudding. weelicious recipe


I learned how to make MY VERY OWN FAKE CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!! Wheat Gluten = Key ingredient. WHO KNEW!

Pan cooked slowly. blam!


Thanks to that lady for posting that!  CHanged my life!!  This yielded 25 or 26 nuggets FOR PENNIES.  $aving the loot stacks.


Round One

I attempted to make cake pops. jesuseff_________ing&%#%$&@ pissed me off! My mom had her two cents to throw in, of course, which just frustrated me more. Not quite as I intended, but good nonetheless. Just looking @ this photo re-lives the stress.

**********************************************And not related to food: ***********************************************************

Will Ferrell anyone??

along with my Christmas in July money, BIrthday in September money (birthday is May). I hide stuff from myself a lil too good.


Cooking with the ol’ Rebec June 15, 2011

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spinach, onion, garlic, tofu, finely chopped and sautéed avec olive oil, freshly grated parmesan

rolled in bread crumbs, and browning in a DRY PAN (no oil). BABY loves them.



Lentil burgers! Cooked lentils, brown rice & barley. Steamed zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, broccoli, kale, wheat germ, mushrooms, oat flour (binding agent). Food Processor. looks gross. When you toss this slop in the frying pan, it's going to look like something my cat barfed up, but it's okay, they'll brown and look more like food.

1st batch of vegan burgers. Didn't hold together well. They ended up more like soft Scrapple. Mmmm scrapple. Ho hum. I rarely get it "wrong". This will still work though, because I made mushroom gravy (vegetable broth, mushrooms & oat flour). I NEVER eat gravy, but my husband will. Winner!

these are NOT vegan. I added egg to the mix and viola. it was a last ditch effort to save my hard work!

Secret to "stepping up" them burgers. What does that triffling snatch Rachel Ray claims her father called it? Yeah, sorry Rachel, it ain't your term. It ain't your father's term, so don't even... triangle? triage...TRINITY! **Thats honestly how my brain just processed that search for the correct term* When ya dump this juice in the pan, giddy up cuz it's gonna spit and spew like my mom when the push mower doesn't start. P.S. I hate rachel ray's voice. HATE.

I kinda sorta used this as a guide, however I didn't measure anything. Recipe is in Oprah's magazine.

Baby is going to love this! Yellow squash, kale, finely chopped onion & garlic, shredded cheddar, butter and some cream. baked in her own lil dish. MMMmmmm Mmmpff! Tastes good!


End of my easter candy. THANKS, BEN & JERRY.

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More like, BUZZ KILL! This was the biggest disappointment EVERRR. It was the word, WHISKEY, that caught my eye. I'm sticking to Chunky Monkey here out.



No other option but to break out the last of my easter stash, to counter my disappointment. This entire bunny is 1/2 of my daily value of FAT GRAMS! jajajaj


Mom’s Mac & Cheese May 20, 2011

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You're going to need an entire box of macaroni. Cook the macaroni as directed on the box. 20oz of cheese (two 8oz bags and 1/2 of a third bag. or just get a big bag of cheese and pile it on!) AND BUTTER. REAL DEAL BUTTER.

Cook the macaroni as directed on the box, like I said. USE half of the cooked macaroni & layer your dish as shown. This is a 13X9 dish.

Layer that cheese! I used half a bag of shredded MILD CHEDDAR & half a bag of shredded SHARP CHEDDAR. You could just use all mild or medium or all sharp. My mom says to use ALL SHARP! I do what I want.

GENTLY work the cheese into the noodles. Not really too important. This is ALL the gentle working of the cheese that I did.

Add a few pads of butter. I used a total of 6 TBSP on the ENTIRE DISH. So 3 TBSP on this layer, and 3 on the top layer. They're probably sliced approx. 1/8" to 1/4" thick.

Use the remaining half of the cooked macaroni and create a second/final layer.

I know this is the same photo, BUT I FORGOT TO take a picture of the second layer. It looks the exact same. Layer the remaining cheese, and pads of butter. I used 2 (8oz) bags of cheese and half of a third bag for this entire dish. THE ENTIRE DISH. You probably don't need that 3rd bag of cheese, but that is crazy talk! MORE CHEESE! The final layer was covered in cheese. No sight of noodles!

Add 1/2 C of milk, pouring it evenly over the entire dish.  Bake @ 350 degrees, for 15 mins OR UNTIL THE CHEESE IT MELTED!!.