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i am grammatically challenged.

It’s Sunday, so here’s a post April 22, 2012

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Seems to be the onliest day I can sit my fat ass down.  Meanwhile, i should have the washer  going, should be washing the dishes that sit in the sink, floors should be scrubbed and the upstairs should be vacuumed.  OH.  And more baby clothes need to be packed and unpacked.  My mother says, “you know what my mother always said??  You’ll be dead and gone and the dust will still be sitting.”

So tonight?  I’m alive and the dust is sitting and I’m leaving it that way.  Instead, I caught up on my flickr.  Aint posted a picture since September.  FREAKING SEPTEMBER.  Seven months of photographing my kid, birthday parties and holidays and all of them sitting in my iPhoto.  Today they were finally sorted and uploaded!  YESSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssss.

So, during all that sorting, I decided to dump some from my desktop BLOG folder.  Here goes.

Look-a-likes?? Ummm try NOT. I'd totally make out with Dr. Drew. The guy on our left? Never in a million years.

If I could get married again, I'd choose this hairstyle.

Not exactly cute. More Annie Lennox aka SCArY LADY.

yes plz. I'd like to have both.

gimme dat

HATE HATE HATE PEE WEE HERMAN. always have. always will. I got creep radar. As a matter of fact, I hate all three of these guys.

Can't wait. ❤ Natalie Dee

found my next iPhone case. Suppppp girrrrrrrl


This guy has airPLANES in his back yard.

Thought I was texting my husband about my nephew. TUrned out I texted my nephew!! BUsted talking shit about him (no pun intended). **dumb auto correct**NIGHTS, not NIGHT'S

This lady was rolling throughout the store with an unlit cigarette resting in her mouth. Notice it here in her right hand... as she's barking orders at the cashier. CHOKE ON YOUR SMOKE, "VALUED CUSTOMER". I once asked a friend, "So how come we live in a poor county and a river separates us from one of the wealthiest counties IN THE NATION?" His response, "Matter of who could swim."

This is the traffic lady on WJZ. I Hate her hair color. Stay out of the pool or get it dyed professionally, chic.

WHO PAID FOR THIS??? Stupid shit!

take. it. all. in.

Just another unbweaveable day in Bmore.

best network

Two snaps up, bitches.  Bedtimes.


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