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Holy Food, Y’all October 2, 2011

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I done fount the best website EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  


Get on it!!  They have wonderful recipes & ideas.  One in particular is an absolute FAVE: Cottage Cheese Pancakes! 

Full of protein & the cottage cheese melts, so don’t cringe up your face!

O, my momma & niece love them & they’re easy to freeze for later use (great for husbands that can’t cook a wholesome breakfast, let alone instant oatmeal).

She helped herself to the table and both plates.

Digging in on my cakes! The yellow cakes are straight recipe. The flatter, blueberry filled cakes aren't as fluffy and the blueberries burn to the pan. Also, I don't recommend frying them in salted butter; too salty. Crisco or bust!

King syrup & blueberries ON TOP = delish! Thanks, weelicious!

O approves homemade chocolate soy pudding. weelicious recipe


I learned how to make MY VERY OWN FAKE CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!! Wheat Gluten = Key ingredient. WHO KNEW!

Pan cooked slowly. blam!


Thanks to that lady for posting that!  CHanged my life!!  This yielded 25 or 26 nuggets FOR PENNIES.  $aving the loot stacks.


Round One

I attempted to make cake pops. jesuseff_________ing&%#%$&@ pissed me off! My mom had her two cents to throw in, of course, which just frustrated me more. Not quite as I intended, but good nonetheless. Just looking @ this photo re-lives the stress.

**********************************************And not related to food: ***********************************************************

Will Ferrell anyone??

along with my Christmas in July money, BIrthday in September money (birthday is May). I hide stuff from myself a lil too good.


3 Responses to “Holy Food, Y’all”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Glad you liked the nuggets! Aren’t they the best things? I got the recipe from a friend who got them from a forum somewhere. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Holy Food Says:

    Thanks, I’ve seen your blog before during my, all of the ex-pats are linked together, which is really cool. Thanks for the mention and I put your link up here too.

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