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Holy Tap Dancing Sh*t! March 29, 2011

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Nearly 2 oz of that ol’ stank miracle mix.  I hate doing it to her, because it smells so rank, but I need- to- break- the- cycle.  I’m tired of pumping day in, day out.  My breaks at work are WORK!  Instead of reading or reading or reading or playing angry birds to my fullest potential, I’m hiding out & pumping.  Eleven months + + +  COUNT.  IT.  E L E V E N M O N T H S  (see me bitch about the same thing @ baby’s 9th month of life).

I just wanna run up to someone and chestbutt them.  I wanna line up 10+ people & run past them, high fiving each and every palm in that line.  I wanna get up on my desk and dance.  I wanna TAP daNCE.  It’s that epic of a moment in my life.  Glory be to the highest, we’re almost there.


In other baby news:

She is climbing steps.  FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFffffffffffffffff

Standing & letting go (only to fall to the floor).

She is not so sure about textured food.  Still blending her foods (boo).

She lubbs some french fries, though.

She can do peek-a-boo in the car’s baby mirror.  *We only play when I’m stopped @ a red light*

Still can’t sign, though I’ve been signing to her for a while now.  (*$^&*%##^%^&()@ WHAT THE HELL!

I finally put the ‘I LOVE SANTA SLEEPER’ to rest.  It’s almost April for crapsake.

Still wearing 6-9months pants, but we’re going shopping for 12months onsies tomorrow.  GROWTH SPURT!

**Short legs, long torso.  I’ll take it**

4 teeth.  HUGE GAP right dab in the middle of the 2 top teeth.  Excellent.   She gets it honestly.

She knows what, “I’m gonna get you” means & promptly hauls ass.

Could care less about day light savings time.  7 pm means 7pm.  I thought she’d go to bed @ 8 now.  Nope.  7 means 7.

Still laughs at her toots.  Still blows snot rockets.  Still patty cakes, waves and throws her hands in the sky.  Dances when I sing & follows me E V E R Y W H E R E.


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