Lost in the Reflection

i am grammatically challenged.

Just so ya know March 25, 2011

Filed under: Remembering Me — lostinthereflection @ 8:18 PM

I huff my laundry several times a day.

Putting on a tank top.  **HUFFfffffffffffffffff HUFF HUFF*

Putting on my sweater.  **HUFFfffffffffffffff HUFF HUFF**

Getting to work.  Leaning onto my own shoulder and pulling in a deep, prolonged breath…

**I mention this as my clothes spin in the washer.  That magical, intoxicating aroma of Tide & Downy swarming about in the hallway  just makes me say to myself, “GOT DAMN.  I AM A DOMESTICATED BITCH/WIZARD OF LAUNDRY.  HIGH 5, SELF~!!!”



**omg.  and i have one designated dresser drawer to a special fragrance.  Gots me a bar of lavender soap in the drawer for ME SPECIAL items.  Get your mind outta the gutter!  I’m talking special schweaters, perv!!!!!!!!


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