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There’s Hope, peoples. January 16, 2011

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The music industry pulled it’s ass up out of the depths of the late 90’s/the year 2000’s SHITBOMB they called, music.

Now we gotta deal with these indie freaks.

I can only hope people stop being freaks.  They try so hard to be “different”, they end up all looking the same.  Their thought process, upon waking- “SO DUDE.  I’M JUST GOING TO SKIP A SHOWER FOR YET ANOTHER DAY.  COMPLETELY SKIP BRUSHING MY HAIR/TEETH AND JUST PUT ON SOME OF THESE CLOTHES THAT ARE SCATTERED ABOUT MY FLOOR.  *picks up random red jeans, mix match socks, a stinky holed-up thrift store tee shirt, an old (dead) man’s sweater (thrift store), and laces up a pair of docs.  NO WAAIT.  Slip-on sneakers from Wal-Mart**  Does that make sense, or only to us people living in Bmore?

**I am NOT knocking thriftin.  I ❤ it myself**

Anyways, I like this track, but I’d rather see these freaks riding around the city on a motorcycle with a sidecar, or two bicycles or a bicycle built for two.

Has that been done in a vid yet?  Probably so.  Still would’ve made a better vid than this:


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