Lost in the Reflection

i am grammatically challenged.

It’s HOG HEAVEN up in this piece October 17, 2010

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Lemme remove this retainer, so we can make out, SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER of my LIFE!!!



Attractive.  **Note the fake smile & lazy eye***

I washed my face in this shampoo, so I can smell it ALL NIGHT LONG (queue Lionel Richie’s ALL NIGHT LONG)… Best part?  Is when I wash my hair with Pureology, then rub my eyes COMPLETELY FORGETTING THAT STUFF IS EMBEDDED IN MY CALLOUSED FINGERS, resulting in the sensation that my eyes just took a drag off a Newport.  MMMMMM menthol. Who doesn’t love a drag off an ol’ menthol (raises hand).  gross, right?  This shampoo can make that happen.

Speaking of Lionel Richie, y’all ever seen the video of him performing HELLO on german tv?  It’s awesome.  Here: HELLO

And speaking of tv…… Tonight, 60 Minutes totally showed a kid getting hit by a car in Jerusalem.  Ummm wtf.


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