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I’m going to be famous June 5, 2010

Filed under: Remembering Me — lostinthereflection @ 1:26 PM

I’m going to submit this to, SEXY  PEOPLE-BLOG:


Tight-Rolled pants, swatch watches up to my elbow & my retainer.  OOL!  And the turtleneck.  Hecht’s obviously had crack-smoking designers making their sweaters.  WHAT IS THAT?


4 Responses to “I’m going to be famous”

  1. lostinthereflection Says:

    bottom of this blog just said:

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * I’m Too Sexy for Autism.
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  2. B Says:

    I’m TOO SEXY FOR AUTISM!!!! BAhahaahahahaha

  3. well, my heart just awarded you the Sexy-Prepubescent-Blogger award.

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