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God Love Him June 4, 2010

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Danny DeVito was just on THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW.  Yeah YEah Yeah, I hear ya.  BONNIE HUNT???  Listen, I’m @ my mom’s house & the cable is so fickled.  Channel 11 is telling me it’s honoring some system about not airing programs aired on other channels.  OKAY WELL, REGIS & KELLY ARE NOT BEING AIRED ELSEWHERE COMCAST, SO WHAT THE HELL!    Carrot Top is on Reg&Kelly today, so I’m kinda glad I CAN’T WATCH IT.  IN YOUR FACE, COMCAST.

So, Danny DeVito .  GOD LOVE THAT MAN.  I KNOW I DO.  That man is so damn hilarious.  I’m glad I was forced to watch Bonnie Hunt.  I am also contemplating joining Twitter, just so I can be friends with DannyDeVito .  Wait, do you even HAVE FRIENDS ON TWITTER??  How does that work, anyways.

While I’m weighing my options, check him out on Twitter. In the mean time, I’m catching some THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN on youtube.



5 Responses to “God Love Him”

  1. Debb Says:

    pls get on twitter, i think you’ll be the shit.

  2. B Says:



    I need you in my Twitter life!

  3. lostinthereflection Says:

    is it another FB? cuz I’m over that shit. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • lostinthereflection Says:

      OHwaitNevermind. I just wiki’d it. I do not have a cool, up to date phone. So sad. Not really.

      • B Says:

        you don’t need one, you can text to a certain address and update, that’s what I did before I realized I could put a special program on my BB – UberTwitter.

        Stop making excuses.

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